This game was a group school project made for a game design class.

And so the story goes like this:

Bally Bob Joe was bored one day in 1997, inside a porta potty in the winter. With his purple ball buster in hand, he said to himself, “There is only room for one ball in this world.” Then, he puts on his jacket and exits the porta-potty to explore. He sees other balls rolling on the plateaus of the savanna. “How I despise them,” he thought. “I must bring balance to this ball v. ball world”, as he snaps his fingers.

“Run from it, dread from it, I will come.”


Covered in lotion for his wrinkly skin and for speed, his catchphrase is “I am sped.” With a thick winters coat walking in the savanna, he got busted by the BBC, the Ball Busting Committee, for attempted Ball Busting. He was thrown in ball jail and had to bust out of BJ, Ball Jail. After busting out, he went on his journey of busting all the balls in town like as efficiently as a nutcracker.

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