This is a school game design project named Doom Ball$ 2: BBC Strikes Back.

The story for the game goes somewhat like this:

After sealing away the BBC’s boss from the Balliverse, Bally Bob Joe lives out his life at his porta-potty in busting peace as the last Superior ball in the universe or so it seemed until the year 2019. Suddenly, two gigantous ball ships land on Bally’s world. Out from their connected extended platform stormed out white troopers from the presumed dead Ball Busting Committee! “Preposterous!”, thought Bally as he busted the approaching troopers to OvarHeaven! But atlast to no avail, as they overwhelmed him and banished him to the outskirts of space and time no likes of what any baller has come to.

There in his new limbo of the BBC’s state of the art Kleenex military base, ran by General Puffs, Bally sat chained away as he learned about the accidental resurrection of the BBC’s Boss caused by an Oval organization, the Central Nut Neutralists. The CNN searched for a way to stop the BBC after they accidentally resurrected them. They stumbled upon scriptures written about Bally’s existence and scoured the universe to find him right in the hands of the BBC. With collaboration efforts from the CNN, Bally Bob Joe busts out once again from the BBC’s military base in newfound rage. The CNN tell him that he must get the sacred weapon of the ancients, the E-BONE. He must gather the two E-BONEies throughout the universe to finally destroy the BBC’s boss once and for all.

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